DevCon 2014 FileMaker Design Panel

Do you want to design visually appealing and usable solutions? Do you have questions about interaction and visual design that you’d like answered by a team of FileMaker experts? (Since you’re reading this blog, I know you do.) Now’s your chance!

The DevCon Design Panel

FileMaker will be hosting a Design Panel session at the FileMaker Developer’s Conference taking place in San Antonio, Texas from July 28th–31st, 2014. The panelists are Matthew O’Dell (Moderator, Technical Marketing Manager at FileMaker, Inc.), Heather Winkle (Manager of User Experience at FileMaker, Inc.), Andrew Paulsen (Software Architect at FileMaker, Inc.), Don Levan (President of Vanguard Custom Software, LLC.), and Bob Shockey (CEO of Alchemy Consulting Group).

This session is intended to be a high-level discussion about understanding and applying UI and UX concepts to designing FileMaker solutions. FileMaker has set up a page on TechNet to gather your questions for the panel. (I should note that this isn’t the place to ask a specific technical question about how to use FileMaker’s design tools, or to suggest a feature.)

Some of the possible subject areas that come to mind for me:

• Choosing pleasing colour combinations
• Visually organizing data
• Using a grid
• Incorporating user-centered design principles
• Evaluating usability
• Design differences in desktop vs mobile

You can still submit a question even if you aren’t going to the conference. Hope to see you there!


Alexis Allen

I'm a certified FileMaker developer based in Toronto. I've been developing applications using FileMaker since 1997 (version 3.0). I've always been interested in discovering what makes a good design work. I've designed solutions for desktop publishing, signmaking, packaging design, marketing and advertising. I have presented several times at the FileMaker Developer's Conference in the US. A lifelong student, I enjoy all creative pursuits.

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