Speaking At DevCon 2015!

Speaking at DevCon 2015!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 2015 FileMaker Developers’ Conference in Las Vegas for the first time, on the psychology of interaction design. In other words, what do we need to know about people in order to design effective applications?

The session will cover aspects of cognition, memory and learning, vision, and user testing, among other things. The goal of the session will be to help you see and correct potential problems in your design, so you can improve the experience for your users.

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Designing FileMaker Turns One! Enter For A Chance To Win

Designing FileMaker Turns One! Enter for a Chance to Win

It’s been one year since I published the first article to the blog. (Yay!) Thank you to everyone who has read, shared, liked, followed, commented, submitted articles or shared resources to the blog in its first year. I’m so grateful, because without you, I’d just be talking to myself! And that’s just weird…

I’d love to learn more about my readers (that’s you!) so I’m taking this opportunity to ask if you’d share some of your thoughts with me in this short survey.

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Alexis Allen Video Interview by FileMakerProGurus.com

Don Clark of FileMakerProGurus has started a video interview series with what he calls “influential people in the FileMaker community,” and I’m very honoured and pleased to be the first interviewee!

He asked me how I became a FileMaker developer, what design tools I like to use, and more. Watch the video to learn more about me and why I love design and FileMaker. You can read Don’s original article and link to the video here. Check out the rest of his site while you’re there.

Thanks Don!



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