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Alexis Allen Interview by FileMaker Addict

Tim Dietrich was kind enough to interview me for his blog, FileMaker Addict. Read the interview to find out—among other things—what my favourite quotations are! (I'm sure you've been dying to know...) Like this? Sign up to get blog updates…

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Book Review: The Elements Of Graphic Design By Alex White
Book Review: The Elements of Graphic Design by Alex White

The Elements of Graphic Design by Alex W. White is an excellent reference on graphic design principles. The book covers the accepted rules related to designing page layouts, and their historical origins. Aimed primarily at graphic designers working in print…

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Design Glossary: Grid

The Design Glossary is a series of posts explaining a basic graphic design concept. What is a page layout grid? A grid is a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines along which the structure of a page layout is…

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Prevent Jump After Drop-Down List Selection

When a user selects a value from a drop-down list, FileMaker’s expected behaviour is to move the cursor automatically to the next field (or object) in the tab order. If that field also has a drop-down list attached, this will…

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Alexis Allen Video Interview by FileMakerProGurus.com

Don Clark of FileMakerProGurus has started a video interview series with what he calls "influential people in the FileMaker community," and I'm very honoured and pleased to be the first interviewee! He asked me how I became a FileMaker developer,…

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