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Visual Design Basics For FileMaker: Space
Visual Design Basics for FileMaker: Space

The second in a series on the basics of visual design for FileMaker. Space is the basic element that designers work with. How we divide it up determines what we ultimately present to the user as our design. Space: The…

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Video: How to Create a Usable Touch UI by Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski, author of the excellent book Mobile First, discusses the importance of allowing plenty of space in touch user interfaces in this short video. Luke says: Creating a usable touch interface means embracing the constraints of direct manipulation. When…

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DevCon 2014 FileMaker Design Panel

Do you want to design visually appealing and usable solutions? Do you have questions about interaction and visual design that you’d like answered by a team of FileMaker experts? (Since you’re reading this blog, I know you do.) Now’s your…

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9 Creative Improv Lessons for Designers

I’ve always been curious about how to develop creativity. Since creative skills overlap disciplines, it’s worth examining how people in other creative pursuits go about learning their craft. What important things can we learn that also apply to FileMaker design…

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Acorn 4 on Sale for $14.99

If you are looking for a good, inexpensive image editor, Acorn 4 for Mac is on sale for a limited time for $14.99. I bought it through the App Store and was able to install it on both my computers…

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